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Guests can use the hydro-massage and private swimming pool, 14 metres long and 6.30 metres wide, equipped with a trampoline, and its deepest side is 2.40 metres.
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The Villa rises on two levels, features 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and can sleep up to 11 people. The rooms, catered and furnished with style, transmit guests warmth and familiarity, creating an ambience of pleasant intimacy.

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Segromigno in Monte is a small town nestled at the foot of the Pizzorne Mountains, about 10 kilometres from the centre of Lucca. The countryside dotted with vines and olive trees offers passers-by the view of splendid monumental mansions such as Villa Mansi and Villa Mazzarosa that can still be visited today, making the town one of the most beautiful locations from an artistic and architectural point of view, not only of the municipality of Capannori but of the entire province of Lucca. The origins of the name “Segromigno” date back to the late Roman period where the term sub-gromigno meant the territory that extended between the upper plains of the Pizzorne Mountains to the town of San Pancrazio. The town’s historic centre is the Romanesque church of San Lorenzo, symbol of the ancient history that since the year 872 has witnessed the social and cultural changes taking place throughout the area. The hills adjacent to the town have for centuries been designated to vine growing and olive trees, with excellent results today. The perfect position as far as exposure to the sun, the innovative cultivation techniques and a focused attention on production processes make the hills north of Lucca an important resource for quality agricultural production. For this reason, the town of Segromigno in Monte together with other neighbouring towns is part of the official food and wine itineray of the province of Lucca.

Our Origins

The traditional farmhouses typical of the Lucca area generally have a story behind them that defines their names. Many farmhouses anciently tied to sharecropping are isolated dwellings dispersed throughout the countryside and constitute a distinguishing characteristic for a great portion of the Tuscan landscape. Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, these structures bear witness to a rural history that has for years recounted the development and growth of small and medium sized establishments involved in agriculture. Visiting Tuscany, it is not unusual to find places having bizarre names that embody a very ancient history. “Casa il Gobbo” is no exception, and this is why the name is renowned with the inhabitants of the area as a place where a structure surrounded by olive groves is found. But why “Il Gobbo”? The reason for this name comes from an old story of the remote past that tells of a hunchback living in the house. This character must have been rather unique to have a location named after him…

Il Gobbo Today

Il Gobbo is today a luxurious villa. Renovated in the 1980s preserving its original structure, the mansion is comprised of two floors for an overall living area of 320 m2. Surrounded by about three hectares of olive groves and totally fenced in, the property is comprised of large spaces both internally and externally, where it is possible to enjoy the most modern comforts together with the simplicity of a magical place immersed in greenery. The photovoltaic system and solar panels installed in 2013 confer added value to the location from the point of view of eco-sustainable tourism. We lived in the villa for fourteen years, catering to its most minute details with the sole aim of preserving its beauty. We are certain that our dedication will be appreciated by guests who will find in Casa Il Gobbo all our hospitality and professionalism.

The Farm

The farm is part of the villa and offers visitors the chance to taste artisan products such as extra-virgin olive oil, honey and organic jams. The overall seven hectares of land are cultivated with olive and fruit trees. A small family vineyard is also located on the premises, as well as several animals that will certainly capture the attention of children. Turtles, turkeys, horses and a sheep housed in their own spaces far from the villa will liven your stay, making contact with nature more entertaining and direct.